After her left leg was amputated, Arizona became depressed. She didn t dare to tell him the truth until they were at the bar. Cristina interfered and made Callie allow it. She looked right into Arizona s eyes and told her she was impressed. Leah planned to scrub in on a surgery with Arizona, which was observed by Emma, but Arizona said the OR was full and sent Leah away. When Callie joined Arizona in surgery, she told her wife that it was a good thing for her, as the goal of the research was to get Arizona a leg that s as sensitive and responsive as the leg she lost.

As she walked out of the elevator, Lauren said she already knew this as there is only Arizona Robbins on the Internet. Against her will, Callie picked her up and put her in the shower, and made it clear that Arizona s problems were her problems too, as they lived together. He wished she could stay around a little longer, and Arizona quietly agreed. She went to ask Richard for advice, and was told that she was a smart and confident woman. Alex happily accepted her help as Arizona had just told them they needed to do anything to keep the parents happy sex dating in parker arizona. She apologized, but she wasn t ready to get sexy again.

During a surgery, Arizona s leg kept on hurting, forcing her to leave the OR. Leah says she knows she s not supposed to sleep over and apologizes, but Arizona says it s okay. At the end of the day, Arizona allowed Callie, who was ready to go back to Mark s place, to sit next to her on the couch to watch American Bake Off together..
. When Arizona came to pick up Sofia before Callie had to go to the court for her lawsuit, she told Callie that she was willing to do whatever Callie needed to feel good in the difficult period of being sued. ..


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